Lose Extra Pounds Quickly

HCG diet as an obesity treatment program has become worldwide popular for its effectiveness. It is the diet that ensures one pound weight loss per day. It targets the abnormal fats of the body and results in a fit and fine shape. Losing 45 pounds in 40 days is no more a gossip with HCG diet plan.

Expert Tips to Lose 45 Pounds in 40 Days.

The key of success in HCG diet lies on following the diet guidelines. Here are some tips that can help you to lose 45 Pounds in 40 Days.

  • Stick to 500 calorie per day diet rule strictly. Consult an experienced dietician to prepare your diet chart.
  • Never miss your HCG dose. At the same time, be aware of over dosing.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, which may include water and juices.
  • Have adequate for at least 8-10 hours.
  • Prefer the organic foods.
  • Avoid alcohols and other intoxicants.
  • Don’t take sugar, instead go for stevia drops as sweetener.

You can take HCG oral drop without any concern for side effects. This is purely homeopathic in nature and that’s why doesn’t have any harmful impact on your health. The diet drop is very easy to take. You can take it under the tongue. Since it is in the diluted form, it doesn’t take too much time to dissolve in the blood. Any one above the age of 16 is eligible to take this drug. It does not disrupt your normal life, rather makes you more lively and enthusiastic.

HCG Sublingual Drops

The HCG sublingual drops are very popular for their effectiveness. With Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), the oral drops can result one pound weight loss per day. The diet drops are homeopathic drugs and that’s why, considered to be safe from all side effects. The drops are pre-diluted. So, these get dissolved in the blood within five minutes. There are different forms of HCG using which hormones can be administered in the human body for quick and safe weight loss without any side effects.

Top HCG Products For Fat Loss Revealed

The HCG is available in different forms which include injections, pills, gels, sprays and oral drops.

  • HCG Injections : Injections are the earliest form of HCG. These are allopathic drugs and people need prescription to buy them. The injections are taken once in a day with VLCD.
  • HCG Pills : These are one of the oral forms of HCG. These are not so popular. However, a section of people prefer them for hassle free usage.
  • HCG Gels : HCG gels are very easy to administer. You can simply smear it on your skin.
  • HCG Sprays : HCG sprays are one of the sublingual forms. It is easy to administer. It is sprays inside the mouth three times daily.
  • HCG Oral Drops : The sublingual HCG drops are the most preferred for of diet. These are homeopathic drops. These are safe from health point of view. The HCG drops are taken three times daily.

The HCG diet drops are suitable for every section of obese people. Anyone above the age 16 can take it provided he/she has attained the stage of puberty. Be a sportsman or a professional model, the diet suits everyone. These are available online for purchase. Thus a significant amount of time and cost are saved for the buyers. Dieter can buy HCG drops online as well as over the counter without any prescriptions as the drops contained in it are homeopathic and do not have any side effects. These homeopathic HCG drops are prepared in FDA approved labs after the series of rigorous dilution. One should follow 500 calorie diet.